Munchkins in Rhythm

Mindfulness Curriculum for Children Aged 4 to 7 | taught by Rekha Magon
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Course description

Our Munchkins in Rhythm program provides teachers with a fully tried and tested mindfulness curriculum for children anywhere between the ages of 4 to 7. The curriculum consists of 8 unique step-by-step 30 minute mindfulness classes that can be repeated as often as needed throughout the school years. Classes are designed for 30 minutes but you can also pick and choose which activities you prefer and offer it as a 15 minutes class.

Each of these classes have been carefully outlines to cover the main concepts of mindfulness: Finding Your Base, Awareness, Concentration & Heartfulness. Incorporating these activities in your classroom give students a balanced and healthy experience that keeps them energized, engaged and ready to learn.

Each mindfulness class has been carefully scripted as a step-by-step guide for teachers to easily follow and includes “key notes” for each lesson on: how to set up the room, tips on what to expect, demonstration images and videos.

Specific mindfulness practices taught are:

Focus: Sensory activities sharpen children’s concentration skills and improve memory retention. (Mindful Listening,Eyes, Eating, Walking)

Move: Stretching exercises release endorphins and strengthen children’s immune system (Stretching Exercises)

Feel: Storytelling, arts, crafts develop children’s imagination and social-empathic skills (Storybooks, Grateful Tree Exercises, Sending Kind Wishes)

Breathe: Deep breathing calms children, stimulates creativity and improves sleep (Rock-a-bye Teddy, Steam Engine)

Play: Group play with children enhances communication and listening skills (Sharing Exercises, Three Legged Race)

Believe: Positive affirmations boost children’s confidence and help them feel in control (Affirmation)

Music: Boosts the brain’s learning centres, fosters creativity and provides emotional expression (Inner Rhythm Song)

Rekha Magon
Rekha Magon
Founder & CEO

Rekha Magon is the CEO and founder of The Mindful Scholar, a social enterprise that is passionate about bringing unconventional mindfulness solutions to families, corporations and the education system.  Along with her formal mindfulness certification, having grown up in a deeply mindful environment with over 25 years of personal practice, Rekha is a leading expert in the mindfulness field. Her online platform, courses, products and mindfulness curriculums come highly recommended.

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