Mindful Parenting

Mindfulness Training for Parents | taught by Rekha Magon

Course description

Knowing that children mimic the behavior of adults it is imperative that parents and caretakers learn to embody the concepts of mindfulness themselves so that these powerful tools and techniques permeate into the lives of the children they interact with.

By the end of this course, you’ll master:

  • The basic concepts of mindfulness (core values and fundamentals)
  • Specific techniques on how to face the various challenges you encounter as parent on daily basis, whether at work, in your relationships or even at home and how you can take CONTROL of your own state of mind
  • Practical and hands on tools to start and cultivate your very own mindfulness practice
Rekha Magon
Rekha Magon
Founder & CEO

Rekha Magon is the CEO and founder of The Mindful Scholar, a social enterprise that is passionate about bringing unconventional mindfulness solutions to families, corporations and the education system.  Along with her formal mindfulness certification, having grown up in a deeply mindful environment with over 25 years of personal practice, Rekha is a leading expert in the mindfulness field. Her online platform, courses, products and mindfulness curriculums come highly recommended.